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Public Information Portal

Public Information Portal (Jan Soochna Portal) is the first of its kind in which information about all the schemes implemented by the Government in the Ward / Panchayat is being provided at one place.


Jan Soochna, mother of RTI

The Right to Information gives way to the government’s duty to publish. The Centre and all states must emulate Rajasthan.


Inauguration Event

Two decades after the Right to information (RTI) movement was launched in Rajasthan, the state has become the first in the country to strengthen the RTI Act.






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Shri Ashok Gehlot

Hon’ble Chief Minister, Rajasthan


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Public Information Portal (Jan Soochna Portal)

The purpose of the Jan Soochna portal is to make the facility available to the common people along with social audit. According to the " जवाब देही कानून " proposed in the Budget Paper-2019, the responsibility of the officers of the departments should be compelled, so that the various departments and officers should be banned. Jan Soochna portal also has to provide an unbiased information to the common people under the same law.

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Toll Free Number : 18001806127

Email Id: jansoochna@rajasthan.gov.in

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The objective of JanSoochna App-2019 is Social Audit and also to provide the common man with the area-wise / personal information related to Government Departments.